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 Watch Dawn Mitschele tell the story of making the first LoVE sign and then singing "All of Your Days", a song for Matt.

Welcome to the The Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation


The Foundation was created in 2009 in memory of Matt's simple message of LoVE to this world. For those of you that did not get the opportunity to meet Matt, please read below.  

Matt inspired people that he never even met, both in life and death.  Here is a statement from Sarah who never met Matt, but who has this to say about him:

 "Matthew Wadleigh was an astounding person who I sadly never had the chance to meet.  We had a few things in common though, the love for Dave Matthews Band and we love…LoVE!  Matthew was a die hard DMB fan who started something amazing in 2004.  At the Chula Vista show, Matthew did something extremely simple, yet breathtaking.  He held up one simple sign that stated “LoVE.” I applaud this man, and his courage to do something like this. Matthew obviously had a strong connection with LoVE, and wasn’t shy about it.  I must admit, I had never heard of Matthew before his passing, but hearing what he did truly moved me and gave me goosebumps.  It’s incredibly sad knowing that such a remarkable man has left us, but it’s also amazing to know that he left such a great impression on the DMB fan base.  Together the fans are making their own signs and plan to bring them to shows…personally, I don’t have any more DMB shows to attend this season, but I’ve made my sign…and I hope to get the courage sometime soon to raise it high in a public place.  We need to feel that LoVE inside of us, we need to not do 90% of the things we do.  We, as humans, are bound to LoVE the dark.  But instead we need to follow the light.  Don’t be so hateful, don’t be so ruthless and start to LoVE everyone around you.  Wake up tomorrow and let everyone around you know that you LoVE them.  Let the person behind you in Walmart who has one item go in front of you, let the car stuck getting out of the parking lot go.  Do something kind for someone today and just spread the LoVE."

"Matt passed from this life the same way he lived it--in peace.  He was a kind and gentle soul.  And there is so much to learn from his legacy.  He had a genuine knack for making people feel comfortable and putting them at ease.  He was often a man of few words, but there was strength and comfort in that silence.  When he spoke people listened.  He had many passions and deep convictions.  A wonderful son, devoted brother, successful professional , friend to all, and an endless source of enjoyment for his niece and nephew.  Matt marched to the beat of his own drum and it was a beat that was admired by those who knew him, and even those that didn't.  Matt's life was not just a physical journey, it was a spiritual one as well.  He put all of himself into everything he did whether it was playing the guitar, meditating, snowball fights with his niece and nephew, getting together with friends and family, or standing third row center holding up his "LoVE" sign at every Dave Matthews concert he could get to. 

Matt truly loved and was loved by all." 

Please consider helping us spread the LoVE by ordering a set of buttons below to share with your family, friends, coworkers and strangers that you meet along the way.  All proceeds from these sales go to funding our award program.

Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation

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Our vision


 The vision of the Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation is to spread LoVE in the world by encouraging others to live a life focused on kind and loving action. 

our mission


The Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading Matt's simple message of LoVE by encouraging others to live a life of kindness and generosity. We spread LoVE using LoVE buttons, LoVE shirts and other LoVE products. Proceeds of The Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation support charitable programs that spread LoVE throughout the world.

our history


 The Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation was created in 2009 in honor of Matt Wadleigh, who spread a simple message of love in the world. 

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